Rob Pack



Rob has been a member of Rhythm N Motion from Cookeville, TN since 1999.  His clogging career began with the Evermean Evergreens in 1985 out of Lebanon, TN.  He has danced on the Opry with both teams multiple times and has collected numerous awards from all sanctioned organizations.  Including being a member of the 2000 ACHF All American Clogging Team.  The majority of his clogging travel is just for shows.  This is what he enjoys most because it allows him to travel with his wife Melissa and his brother Stan who both dance with R-N-M.  The fun for him is just hanging out with the team which is really part of his and Melissa’s family. 

Despite an injury in 1997 that has limited his clogging career; he still is very active with helping the team.