Dee Gallina

National Clogging Instructor, CCI, NCHC Judge, and FCC Hall of Fame


After taking the basic lessons, I became a member of the Mainstreet Cloggers under the direction of Paula Trask-Heskett and was proud to have been with that group until my retirement.  My new recreation provided me with a multitude of experiences and gradually grew into “Dee’s Clogging Clinic.” 

I was on the decoration committee and administrator for the International Clogging Jamboreee, (yes, with 3 e’s) Dearborn, Michigan, directed by Frank and Paula Heskett.  Those were fun years!!!!  Unfortunately due to illness the workshop had to close.  It was a very well received workshop.

I did a teaching apprenticeship under Paula Trask-Heskett and wrote a manual Beginner Clogging and Introduction to Cue Sheets.  (It is in the CLOG library and sold at convention.)  I became a Certified Clogging Instructor for CLOG in 1996.  I was the first to complete 1000 points in less than a year. 

As Line Dance became  popular, I was asked to teach at several local elementary schools in our area and at the local college. (Michigan)  I organized a class of approximately fifteen blind students, ages 6 - 17, who adapted very well to clogging and Line Dance.  This was a very rewarding experience  for me.  They had fun and were given a standing ovation with a performance at one of the local malls.

One fun job I had back when, was to be a roving reporter for the Double Toe Times,  attend  workshops and wrote about them.  Bobbie Adams was the original Editor for the Double Toe Times.

I have been a member of CLOG for several years, NCHC  judge, and received an award for being “Most Valuable Volunteer” at Nationals 2000. I have taught in several states and Canada.  I received my 10 year jacket.  I get to wear it in Florida once in awhile.

Much to my surprise, I was asked to take over the SunCoast Jamboree (Daytona Beach, FL - started out as Jacksonville Clogging Jamboree and moved to Daytona) which at the time was the longest running  workshop.  Sally Thompson, who was the director, decided it was time to retire from clogging.  So I put my business hat on and gave it a try.  It lasted five years and then I no longer was able to keep it going...

I moved to Ft Myers, Florida for retirement and began receiving  calls to teach clogging and line dance.   I teach line dance at my complex, Seven Lakes Golf & Tennis Community, and clogging at the Indian Creek RV park.  Clogging is great exercise and so much fun.  Having fun and enjoying yourself has always been my main emphasis.  My cloggers are known as  “The Gold Coast Cloggers” I teach from November thru April.  This time frame seems to work for everyone.

In February 2008, I had two surgeries, back first and then knee.  Betty Stickel graciously agreed to finish the clogging season with my group.  She did a great job!!!


This group is a fun group and loves to party.  So they find reasons to bring cake and goodies and dance.  Each year at closing of the season, we have  a party!  Jane's get together is always fun!

I have been a supporter of the Florida Clogging Council since 1990.  I was inducted into the Florida Clogging Council Hall of Fame and share the honor with several other members.

Judging competitions for C.L.O.G. and Simone Pace's Miss America Clogger has been very rewarding.  The contestants really work hard to hopefully come in first place.


I was “Ms Suzy Homemaker” for over 25 years when I decided to go back to school and earned two state licenses in insurance.  I worked very long hours at my own business and later  worked  for my husband as his office manager. 

In September , 1989 at the age of 53, I needed a recreational outlet that was fun and  I could do by myself.  The local college brochure listed a class on “Beginner Clogging.”  Why not!!!!...I love music and I love to dance!!  I did not have a Mama or Grandma  to help me with the “Show Me” method, so I took the basic lessons at Schoolcraft College.

About Dee...

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